SecureState to create Metasploit Framework module for CDP packet creation

Just wanted to acknowledge that SecureState just released a Metasploit Framework module for creation of raw Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) messages. I also wanted to thank SecureState for quoting my Black Hat EU presentation.

Action Message Format (AMF) Shell

Source: Wikipedia
Action Message Format (AMF) is a binary format used to serialize ActionScript objects. It is used primarily to exchange data between an Adobe Flash application and a remote service, usually over the internet.

Stop patent no. 7185232


What The Patent Covers

Original text.

I will not claim to be a legal expect in any fashion, but from my read of it and discussions I have had, the short of it is;

    Creating a program to which send a malformed request with intentionally bad content in order to generate a "malformed" or error response.

And the OWL says, O RLY?

Another WOPR trolling

WOPR (pronounced "Whopper") is a fictional military computer featured in the movie WarGames and its sequel. It is an acronym for War Operation Plan Response. Director John Badham invented the name "WOPR" when he thought the NORAD SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan) was "boring, and told you nothing". "WOPR" according to the director plays off of the Whopper hamburger and a fuzzy image of something going whop.

Upcoming conferences

So far this year, I'm booked for the following conferences to speak about Cisco NX-OS weaknesses.

17-18 March, Black Hat Europe, Barcelona, Spain
30-31 March, Troopers Con, Heidelberg Germany

A visit from the Linux OWL

As we all know, there lives a tiny owl in every Linux system. However, it only shows its face to really bad hackers..

Have todays kids not seen WarGames?!

Another amusing video of a kid that clearly hasn't seen War Games..

Worlds worst hacker

Probably one of the worlds worst hackers decided to hack his way into my honeypot last week. After enjoying his failure to accomplish anything useful, I decided to youtube the whole thing.

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